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An Optician is a licensed professional trained to help you see better – whether you’re near or far-sighted, or have low vision due to more complex eye health issues.

It’s reassuring to know the profession of Opticianry in Canada is regulated and governed by strict standards to protect your vision and ensure Licensed Opticians provide you care of the highest standard.


What does an Optician do?

An Optician is a health professional specially trained to supply, prepare and dispense optical appliances through the interpretation of prescriptions prepared by Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. They then ensure the fit of, adjust and adapt your glasses, contact lenses or special needs vision devices. This means that a Licensed Optician interprets your vision prescription into the perfect lenses for your eyes. 

Creating the perfect lens requires attention to extremely fine detail, and choosing a Licensed Optician means choosing a highly skilled professional who adheres to exacting standards and precision to enhance your vision. Many Licensed Opticians (check in your province, as this is different for each region) are now also trained to test eyesight.


Style and function: Let a Licensed Optician help you choose your frames

Besides being eye care professionals, Licensed Opticians also understand how style needs to live alongside practicality. This means a balanced approach to your vision care. Your Optician finds you options that suit your personal style, but also understands that eyewear is more than just an important accessory - it needs to function well in your daily work and leisure activities.

Be sure to ask for a Licensed Optician’s help when choosing your frames. You’ll be surprised how they can help you narrow your choice and find the right frame.

About Opticians
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May 27, 2015